Chestnut/white with spots over his back and hips, Stallion owned by Tom and Linda Taylor ( Wolf Run Appaloosas) of Ft.Wayne, Indiana.

He carries the oldest proven appaloosa blood to be found. He is bred spot to spot with NO AQHA, no ID's, no PC's and no N/C's in his extended pedigree which carries 126 foundation numbered appaloosas.

Which gives him an ACTUAL 89.85 foundation blood percentage. Under the current Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry (FAHR) requirement he is considered 100% foundation tracing to the first 8 stud books..

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Shadow of Toby K (Toby)  is double registered ApHC#557086 and FAHR#219 is our black and white stallion w/loud peacock spots. One of the very few foundation bred appaloosas w/no Quarter horse in his pedigree. With an ACTUAL foundation blood percentage of 84.375 or 93.75 tracing to the first 8 stud books. 

Up close Toby I w/Red Eagle and Patchy F416. Passing on intelligence, disposition, color, athleticism, versatility, and conformation!

These are some of Tobys get!

Future Stallion

FAHR#1000 Ojibwes Mashkawatoby ACTUAL Foundation blood is 94.9% FAHR 100%