It is our goal here at Indian Prairie Appaloosas to continue to breed towards  purity and the preservation of the appaloosa horse as a breed.


We believe the original ApHC F# horses are the foundation of the breed. In order to breed towards purebred you must breed from the original foundation horses! You will see here that we list the ACTUAL FOUNDATION percentage. We also list the percentage FAHR recognizes them as because FAHR considers the first 8 ApHC stud books as foundation. We do not use the terms: FPD, GAP 5, F4 as these terms have nothing to do with foundation percentage and can be deceiving.  

We believe that the horses we are producing can be the catalyst for breed recovery. There are many who claim to have a purebred by some other standard. The truth is when there are horses that trace by a very high percentage to the oldest known documented Appaloosa genetics they would be considered the genuine article. The REAL purebred Appaloosa still exists to this day. The most accurate way to identify what you really have is to figure the percentage of trace back to the gene pool you have selected. All other computations such as generations, number of F#'s, FPD, and GAP are something less. Currently in the Foundaiton Appaloosa industry it is "buyer beware", so if your in the market for a Foundaiton Bred Appaloosa, ask to see the FAHRfax!

"the REAL percentage numbers"


We are breeding REAL foundation to pureberd Appaloosas for all members of the family to enjoy, man, woman and child! They have sound minds, athleticism and that true desire to want to be with their master.


We are located north central Indiana just minutes off 80/90 (Toll Road) 2hrs east of Chicago and 2hrs west of Toledo, OH.


Sammy representing the Appaloosa Breed at the Kentucky Horse Park 2012! The Last show of the season for the horses of the world show!

 Sammy is Sold! And doing well with his new owners! The Helmuths.